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Plays really great!

Works as good on my Macbook as it does on my iPad and my iPhone! Love this game!

An excellent translation of Jenga with limited replay value

A computer version of Jenga may not sound like a great idea, but well made with satisfying physics, this is a good virtual take on the classic puzzle game. The trackpad is put to excellent use here and adds a lot to recreating the feel of the game. Multiplayer on the same Mac works great but the online mode is turn-based, meaning you can't see your opponent move, and is not nearly as fun as it should be. There are a couple modes for solo play, but the game could use a couple more, with limited replay value when playing alone. This an excellent translation of Jenga, but one that could use a little more variety in gameplay, and take full advantange of it's new virtual enviroment.

Fun, but in a matter of minutes boring.

I bought this because I like playing Jega, I wasn't expecting it to have like PERFECT physics, no joke, the physics are so real, also, I don't play jega much, if you like jega get it 0.99 is worth it!


The graphics are really good, and its very reallistic, but after 5 minutes playing this, you already get bored…


Most would probably think that it wouldn't feel like actually playing real jenga but they make it VERY realistic, addictive, and HD!!!

Great game

There's really nothing wrong with it as far I can tell, and it's actually really realistic. If you like Jenga, you should get this, it's really fun playing with other people. Oh, and it works fine on my 2011 Macbook Air. It's nice to get a quality game like this when there are so many crappy games on the Mac App Store that are the same price as this one. So get it! Its worth it.


Not what I expected. I can't see my opponent moving their brick! Horrible. DON'T BUY IT SAVE YOURSELF THE MONEY!!!!



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